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Synergy 766

Synergy 766

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The all new Synergy 766!

Countless development and design hours have been invested to bring the rc heli community a versatile and flexible machine. Lightweight and capable of running 716, 766 or 806mm blades, the 766 provides an upgrade path for pilots venturing into 776 and 806 class without the expense of 14 cell electronics. Innovative features such as dual main shaft thrust bearings, tune-able head dampening, and an adjustable battery tray system for quick CG tuning.


Main Blades: 716-806mm
Main Gear Ratio: 9.27-11.58
Tail Gear Ratios: 4.5 / 4.7 / 5.1
Boom sizes: 716 / 766 / 806
Tail blades: 106-116mm
Battery Configuration: 12s-14s
64mm frame width

Machined helical mod 1.0 main and auto gears
Monster-mod 1.25 24T front and rear TT gears
Torque tube tail drive for high efficiency
Ultra-wide head system for rigid, precise control
Tunable blade grip pitch arm geometry
12mm Main Shaft / 10mm Spindle with rocker support
Dual main shaft thrust bearings
Serviceable dual-bearing swash plate system
Quad progressive and adjustable head dampening
Turnbuckle linkage adjustments
Low disk loading
Multiple tail drive ratios
6mm and 8mm pinions available
Locking battery tray with CG adjustment
Optimized tail arm geometry
Optimum boom sizes options for each blade size
Triple panel canopy system with high visibility paint
Grease ports for all 6 thrust bearings
Delrin gears, links, and components throughout
Designed and supported in the U.S.

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