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FBL Progressive Dampening Blue/Green/White System
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FBL Progressive Dampening Blue/Green/White System

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The FBL Dampening System was developed as a means to tune your flying style from aggressive 3D to pure FAI. The system consists of two CNC machined rotor hub inserts and six O-rings.

Installation is as easy as removing the OEM or aftermarket dampeners and installing the inserts and O-rings into the rotor hub. * You may use a single color set or a combination of colors to create the feel that you prefer with the flybarless system and your rotor head /blade combination.

The dampening system has been tested using various rotor rpm’s within the model design parameters. This system has helped to reduce or eliminate the wobble effect at certain rotors speeds on a number of test models. Participants who have used the FBL system have stated that the start and stop of the helicopter during a maneuver has become very crisp.

The FBL system is as simple of choosing a dampening set that is tailored to you flying style and then acquiring other O-ring colors to fine tune the performance based upon the chart shown on this page.

You will find this upgrade a nice tuning component for your model.

  * Grease must be placed on the outside and between the O-ring set before placing into the rotor head insert. Please use the 1.0 mm OEM Synergy shim between the blade grip and the head block and a .5 mm OEM Synergy shim between the radial bearing and the thrust bearing within the blade grip.

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